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Teeez Cosmetics

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Teeez Cosmetics is a a cruelty free brand from the Netherlands, based in Rotterdam.

Founded on the idea that cosmetics are about more than the brand, it’s all about creativity at the Teeez Cosmetics company. Designed to be used as a tool for your imagination and give you an open door to experimentation with your look the brand’s focus is self-identity rather than brand recognition.  A refreshingly honest approach to makeup that lets you create without worry about “fitting the brand look.” With an open mind to the cosmetic arts process, this Netherlands based company prides itself on its client base support in the development process and of course its ethically sourced materials and pro-quality vegan-friendly makeup.

(Source: trendprivemagazine.com)

As already being part of the design team at TZ Cosmetics, mathieucremers is the point of reference when it comes to the product photography (that is doen in-house). The competition between cosmetic brands is fierce and moving at a fast pace. These pictures need to be engaging, up-to-date and thrilling. They need to evoke a certain emotion or storytelling, which will lead the consumer in buying the products. Or it can be a conversation piece, which can be handy when its being published online, like on Instagram. Which will lead to good publicity and brand awareness.

Since Teeez Cosmetics doesn’t fit as a typical make-up brand, its focus is about being different, bold and creative. This gives mathieucremers a lot of space to experiment, which will give him a lot of freedom to create things that are “outside the box”.

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