Het Haagse Volks Festival

Gemeente Den Haag

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On March 8, The Hague celebrates “International Women’s Day” and they usually host an annual 8 Maart Festival at the Louwman Museum. The theme is freedom: freedom of expression, sexuality, financial freedom and being in your own strength. The festival is a combination of music, dance and interactive workshops. Alderman Karsten Klein also presents the Kartini Prize, the annual emancipation prize of the city of The Hague. Women, men and children are all welcome that day and admission – also to the extensive car collection – is free.
(Source: ochaaglanden.nl).

mathieucremers was appointed to design the new visual identity of the festival, website which can be used for marketing and other related promotions. We wanted to put emphasis on “individualism and freedom” but visually it should be engaging and work as one front too. Like a cohesive group that all represent one strength. The new identity should reflect a certain, sub-culture, group, ethnicity, sexuality, femininity, youth, the elderly, the student, the Mom anything that represented the city of the Hague’s cultural landscape of diversity. The main focus is on the empowerment of women, their individuality, their strength and their freedom of being who they are.

The logo unites all these layers of society that all work together in harmony. There is no hierarchy, therefore its not necessary everyone is equal. No certain color represents a certain group or culture or individual. They’re all the same and yet they are different, you can also see the colours becoming another colour. Expressing the flawless transition between groups. Showing that they all work together and therefore are the same.

These coloured “dots” expresses the design language of the identity. It’s playful characteristic is clear and friendly. It’s approachable and clean. As the festival is open to everyone, men, women and children. So it has to appeal to all parties, no matter the age and/or background. The typography is clean and clear, just the name of the festival in black letters, which works well in contrast with the bright coloured dots and expressive usage of it.

The brand identity is translated into posters, the website and an app, which could/can be downloaded. With the app you can real-time see what kind of workshops are going on, where you can find them. Overal programme of the festival is easy to access. News and popular hashtags will update visitors on upcoming events or speakers. The website works with a geo-tag system and works well with Google Maps, so visitors can easily find all the workshops, lectures, movies, debates and what not in the city. They will be visible with pin-pointed thumbnails with the recognisable dot(s).

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