DJ Tech Chic Design – Are Friends Electric

DJ Tech Chic Design (Anduo Lucia) 

Anduo Lucia asked mathieucremers if he could create some
visuals that he can use for his new album, press releases,
for the overal marketing purposes.

mathieucremers wanted to create something recognisable – when it comes to electronic music – you know that feeling you get when you
are in a club. It’s an important aspect of experiencing music live.

mathieucremers wanted to capture this euphoria, this ecstatic feeling you get, like you just want to get up and dance the night away. The neon-like colors represent the strobe lights that spin around to the beat. They have different colors and when they mix, they give off this feeling like you’re watching the aurora borealis in Iceland. Shapes and shadows moving to the beat, gives it that Alice In Wonderland-esque experience. And a beautiful lady seducing you while both of you are caught up in a moment of tango.

First mathieucremers took portrait shots of DJ Tech Chic Design
and the beautiful model Nienke Stadiq in a studio, which he then printed – (analogue) – in black and white. And using only a pair of scissors he then created these abstract compositions of mixing body poses and faces together. Scanning them afterwards and adding in the effects digitally. By doing so, we’re creating a totally new composition and give new meaning.

Graphic Design, Photography