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Developed at Teeez Cosmetics/TZ Cosmetics

Teeez Cosmetics is a a cruelty free brand from the Netherlands,
based in Rotterdam.

Founded on the idea that cosmetics are about more than the brand, it’s all about creativity at the Teeez Cosmetics company. Designed to be used as a tool for your imagination and give you an open door to experimentation with your look the brand’s focus is self-identity rather than brand recognition.  A refreshingly honest approach to makeup that lets you create without worry about “fitting the brand look.” With an open mind to the cosmetic arts process, this Netherlands based company prides itself on its client base support in the development process and of course its ethically sourced materials and pro-quality vegan-friendly makeup.

(Source: trendprivemagazine.com)

As already being part of the design team at TZ Cosmetics, mathieucremers took the liberty and appointed himself to design a proposal for the new website interface. Whereas TZ Cosmetics current website was currently under construction.

The aim of the new website was to attract millennials and keep them engaged. It needs breathe that look and feel of what most cosmetic brands are doing today. But for mathieucremers structure was key and an overview of products should always be visible.

The top part features a carousel, that showcases certain events, releases or collections. Underneath the carousel there is strip that indicates the categories and products, it will work as a swipe-through, so they can see more products. An image of a foundation bottle, upon clicking it will guide you to the foundations and concealer collection. To the right “New Arrivals” are always displayed on the front/top page of the site.

There will be different kind of interactive banners, which will lead you to specific showcased collections. Some empowering quotes will be showcased in between the banners. “Bestsellers” will also be visible, to engage the sales and it will create a more engaging experience. This structure can always be changed, but “this grid” will be a benchmark of the website, thus every component can change based on what is currently needed.

Graphic Design, UI, UX, Web