graphic design, photography


DJ Tech Chic Design asked me to provide him with visuals for his upcoming album “Are Friends Electric”. And also making sure that he will be presented accordingly.

Whenever you go out dancing may it be at a club, you know you are up for something amazing. The instance when you enter the room or venue, you will be captured by the beautiful (strobe) lights. The sound of the bass and the loud music obviously just makes you want to dance. I tried to capture the beautiful lights and the movement of the beat in one go. And of course what is more beautiful to have a pretty girl in there too?

Experimenting with analogue “photo collaging” and digitally re-touching them. It’s an unique way and/or technique of art production, by using an assemblage of different forms and shapes. Combining fashion photography, printing pictures, cutting, scanning and retouching it in Photoshop. Will create something totally new and abstract.


AFE 06



(The album was promoted on the 3VOOR12 website and you can find it in the iTunes store)