graphic design, app, web, identity



Develop a new (brand) identity for Credit Call.

Credit Call is an app for both iPhone and Android. With CreditCall app you can make cheap international calls to fixed or mobile phones anywhere in the world. Ridiculously low rates starting at 0,02 euro cents per minute. At least 80% cheaper than your cell provider and 60% cheaper than Skype. Start calling and save money, profit from the high quality network and the easy access to all you contacts. Get easily in touch with your friends, family and your international business partners (source

Creating something; “fresh”, “new”, “clean”, “easy” and “approachable”. It also needs to feel energetic, universal and positive too. These are the main key ingredients that needs focus.

The emphasis is on the “hue” and/or “gradient” duo color tone that mainly defines the identity. It’s basically an abstract visual representation of two “beings”, two “individuals” that come together and morph into one “entity”.

Like using any social app or whenever you call someone. You are “connecting”, creating a “connection”, “communicating”, as if you are together “verbally”.