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Develop a new identity and name for a social platform that focuses on providing the elderly culture, arts and entertainment (in nursing homes).

The name “Cultuur Canvas” was developed and coined, it basically means “a canvas for culture” or “culture canvas”. A canvas is a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from hemp, flax, or a similar yarn, used to make items such as sails and tents and as a surface for oil painting. Usually it holds a square-like shape. And it also represents a “window-like” opening for anything that goes.

Implementing the square-like shape into a typographic solution. Combining the shape and morphing it to the letters of the name. Creating an abstract shape, but still making it legible and accessible for anyone to read, especially the elderly. But also keeping it youthful and colorful at the same time.

Also it’s fun to play with the shapes and zooming in on the details, to create canvases of different illustration-like visuals. That can easily be used for the branding.

(Freelanced for d’Article)