app, graphic design, identity, web, app


Proposal design for a cultural-diversity minded festival (fictive name) in The Hague.

Creating a brand identity, website and app to inform the visitors about the actual programme. Inviting them to participate and explore the different workshops and activities that are spread out all over town. The app and website is packed with a geo-located map, where you can find different activites in the different areas. Also it provides you with live information and you’ll be able to also sign-up right on the spot. Makes the viewer interactive and responsible for their own festival-experience.

Trying to capture; movement, cultural diversity, all the subcultures, LGBT-communities and the empowerment of women, all in one identity. The different “polka-dots” represents an energetic and unique “individual”, without creating certain borders but representing everyone as equal. All the different colors represent all the different individuals from all the different backgrounds and/or communities. Mixing them all together creating one identity. Being one, but yet different (at the same time).

(Freelanced for d’Article)


(Photography, source FLICKR)