I am a one-man design studio,
creating work that is meaningful,
engaging and lasting.

Everything I do – visual communication,
digital experience, (product) photography
or any offline translation – I want to get
to the root of it all, find what matters
the most to you.

My job is to clearly communicate your
beliefs in a striking, moving and effective
way. If you are passionate about the power
of design, then count on me.

Based in Rotterdam, staying small gives
me the ability to act fast, define a close
collaboration and create a new narrative.

It’s just me and eventually you = one team.
Working directly for you, from first thoughts
to finished creative. Let’s make it happen. 

Graphic Design
Product Photography


Worked with/for:
Studio Lonne Wennekendonk, d’Article, Credit Call, Teeez Cosmetics, North Sea
Jazz Festival, Aspect Advertising Cairo, Universe Awareness (Leiden), Arzu Senel
Architects, Henk Voorwinde Vochtwering, GuyVernes, DJ Tech Chic Design, Meta
Wijnen, MOAM Amsterdam and Daily Milk.