Af Gezaagd


Af Gezaagd

“Afgezaagd” basically means “cut off” (in Dutch). It perfectly represent its passionate for furniture making. They’re also passionate about interiors. Antique interiors most of all, but it always seem to have some kind of “contemporary” look-and-feel to it. Af Gezaagd also designs and creates new furniture pieces (on request). Furthermore, they also collect and sell sawn off furniture parts.

Develop a new logo for Af Gezaagd. An identity that beats all the dull esthetics and features of furniture and antiques.

The logo features the sharp edges of a saw. A must-have to any woodshop or a tool anyone would use for “cutting” hard pieces of wood. But usually the edges of a saw are continuous and have a repetitive motion of lines going up and down. But as you know “afgezaagd” means cut-off. So this is also a quirky wink and representation of it’s translation.

The “icon” with its “w-like” pattern has a geometric and abstract shape to it. But also holds a very strong and independent attitude. Easy to brand and/or burn it on all the personalized furniture.

Branding, Graphic Design, Identity