I Archive


Archive.org (fictional, self-initiated).

Develop a new and modern identity for Archive.org. It’s a web-based online non-profit library that provides users, millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. You could say it’s like a mix between Google.com and Wikipedia.

What Arhive.org basically does is it gathers analogue information and translates it digitally. Providing it for free online for everyone to use. They also archive and document existing books, which makes it easier for people to get access to analogue hard copies too. This way by “creating” something new from old, basically puts emphasis on the visual aspect of the concept. It gives space to “create” and development of an “organic identity”. By creating a new “profile” online you will enter a social media based platform based solely on archiving your personal information and gatherings.

The name and/or brand (if you may) “I Archive” already tells you what it is all about, you the archiver will work on a your so called personal virtual bookshelf. Your “bookshelf” on I Archive will be visible by a data visualistation. It’s a presentation of data in a pictorial or graphical format. It enables decision makers to see analytics (or your gatherings) presented visually. It will also function as your “identity” and/or profile on your page.

The more the merrier when it comes to archiving all your documents, which will be represented by category. The bigger the category the more colorful the circle will appear. How extravert and outspoken your profile may be, is up to you. It is and will only be defined by the user.

Creating an organic identity, near abstract perfection. The user will not only be surprised, but they will also be invited to interact in creating their own profile and/or brand identity. It represents a friendly and modern take on an online-database. And that for a dusty online “library”, right?

Logo, Branding, Graphic Design, Identity, UI, UX, Web