Credit Call


Credit Call
Bram Hulshof (Managing Director of Flinqer)

CreditCall changes the way how people communicate through a revolutionary mobile application: we make international calling simple and affordable to everyone. We love connecting people with their closest ones, making international business successful, and travelling abroad simpler.

Credit Call is a young, data-driven tech start-up with global ambitions – the app is available and having users all across the world, and we aim to become the new standard in global telecommunications market. With our application, you can call phone-to-phone internationally for incredibly low rates, without necessity to switch SIM card or being connected to the internet.

(Source: LinkedIn Credit Call)

mathieucremers was appointed to design a new and modern identity. The previous identity contained an illustration of a phone and emoticon smiling while using the device, its evident – it’s a desperate call for action.

Putting emphasis on energy, mathieucremers wanted to embody the reaction of when two individuals come together, they create energy, magic, a conversation. When people communicate all kinds of things happen; from laughter to sadness. In any case, there is an invisible forcefield active. mathieucremers choose the colors blue and yellow, these are positive colours.

Blue stands trust, responsibility, honesty and loyalty. And the color yellow relates to acquired knowledge. It is the color which resonates with the left or logic side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception. And the color green relates to balance and harmony. These are all perfect representations of emotion, which happens when people connect.

An icon of a phone was added for recognition, so people will know what kind of app it is. A circular shape is a good format, makes the visual compact and clean.

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