Mathieu Cremers (personal project).

In my spare time I like to create my personal sambal sauce recipe, I’ve been trying to perfect it over the years. And I am almost there! In the mean time I realised my sambal sauce needs a face, some kind of branding. So there you have it, my own label, identity of my sambal recipe.

It’s not final yet since it will never be perfected, this merely and ongoing project that I like to show every now and then. Eventually, I am thinking of glass jars and sticker labels of some sort. What do you think?

I wanted to create a not so obvious and common packaging design/label for a sambal sauce. Something not so convenient and out of the box kinda feeling.

It has to resemble some kind of old medicine label of the past, but more modernised to this century. So it resembles that freshness, that home-made, that carefully crafted and formulated product all translated into a sambal sauce.

Next step is, finding a perfect glass jar that compliments the design label, so it enhances each other.

Branding, Graphic Design, Identity