Freelanced for Daily Milk (design agency)
and TENU (client).

Together with fellow designer friend Pablo Stalliviere pablostalli.com, we developed a concept proposal for Daily Milk to pitch. After the delivered concept was presented, I took the liberty and developed a totally new variation of the given design elements.

As a designer you always want to see some things differently than what you (intended to) deliver in the end. This is my take on it!


TENU genuinely helps people and focuses on what a person really needs. The main focus is to make sure our participants grow literally and figuratively and help them to get stronger. Success is guaranteed.

We dare to take risks and believe in a better future for our people. Their fire is restored by engaging them with self-confidence.

Only this way you can get there faster, but most important being together you can get further!

Putting emphasis on “individualism and being result driven” visually, it should be engaging and work as one front. Like a cohesive group that represents one strength, one purpose. The new identity should reflect all sub-cultures, groups, ethnicities, genders, ages, anything that represents the cultural landscape of diversity in Rotterdam.

The main focus is on the empowerment of their individuality, their strength and showing that they’re result driven, the feeling “of getting there”. Achieving the highest level of being who they are. But allowing them to unite and being a team, as they work together and achieve the same results.

The arrows unites all these layers of society that all work together in harmony. There is no hierarchy, therefore it’s not necessary everyone is equal. They’re all the same and yet they are different, but they all have the same goal. Expressing the flawless transition between groups. Showing that they all work together and therefore are heading the same direction, hence using the “arrow” as a prominent factor.

These coloured arrows expresses the design language of the identity. It’s playful characteristic is clear and friendly. It’s approachable and clean. As the only goal of the arrow is to go somewhere, in a particular direction, may it be, up, down, left, right, sideways you name it. It has one result, it needs to get there.

And at what pace, whether it may take longer or however the journey will be for the individual it doesn’t matter. Because everyone is unique and they all experience time and speed in different ways. But they all achieve empowerment the same way.

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