Henk Voorwinde

Voorwinde Vochtwering is a company that specialises in waterproofing and demolition work. They also do minor renovations and fixing. mathieucremers was appointed to design a new logo and/or identity of the small one-man business.

mathieucremers was told that the focus was more on waterproofing and that he wants to present himself this way professionally. So it was important to incorporate this in the design language. But the new identity allows Voorwinde Vochtwering should tell the rather complex work the company does in a rather clean and accessible fashion. It should be clear right from the bat, but not a cliche.

The visual language celebrates the water, as if it were a holy grail. It not only embraces it but it literally is at the center of everything Voorwinde Vochtwering stands for. So the emphasis is totally called for. The feeling is Hieroglyphic-like, which gives it’s abstract touch. But in context with the hard typography/clear letters it joins forces.

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